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Ready to find out what you're made of?


These custom adventures are designed around you and are not for the faint of heart! Venturing into the wild with nothing but a knife, these adventures are designed to test your survival skills, mental fortitude, and physical resolve - experience the feeling of being "naked and afraid" with nothing but your strategy and skills to survive!


Looking for something a bit more mild?

7-10 Days in the Mayan Rainforest with nothing but a knife. Contact us for more information about this upcoming adventure.

7-10 Days in the Costa Rican jungle with a knife and your own wits. Test the limits of your resolve while naked and afraid in the jungle.

Mayan jungle? Check. Over a week on your own? Check. Stripped down with nothing but a knife? Check! Contact us for more information about this 2017 adventure.

Check out our other adventures to find which suits you. Don't see a good fit? We'd be happy to customize any of our adventures for you.

  • Native Adventures

    Locally held day courses discussing topics such as: edible plants, basket weaving, cordage making, and knife making.
  • Otter River Adventures

    Navigate miles of river each day and build a new camp to sleep under the stars each night.
  • coyote adventures

    Perfect for getting acquainted with nature and well suited to travelers hoping to explore natural beauty.
  • black bear adventures

    Minimum gear, maximum survival. Nights under the stars or in a self-built shelter.
  • panther adventures

    Four days of Florida Winter in the Swamp...with minimal gear. This adventure isn't for the faint of heart. Be prepared.
  • Gator Adventures

    Five days floating down the Suwannee River - with your only meals coming from the river and nature.