black bear adventures
Minimal resources, maximum survival.

think you have

what it takes?



It's time to put those skills of yours to the test.



Black Bear Adventures allow for minimal gear. Although completion of a Coyote Adventure is not required, proven basic primitive skills are. Adventurers are encouraged to build on their primitive skills, improving them under extreme conditions, often in the rain, and/or other inclement weather. The settings, conditions, and resources are more restricted than Coyote Adventures.

Check out our other adventures to find which suits you. Don't see a good fit? We'd be happy to customize any of our adventures for you.

  • Native Adventures

    Locally held day courses discussing topics such as: edible plants, basket weaving, cordage making, and knife making.
  • Otter River Adventures

    Navigate miles of river each day and build a new camp to sleep under the stars each night.
  • coyote adventures

    Perfect for getting acquainted with nature and well suited to travelers hoping to explore natural beauty.
  • black bear adventures

    Minimum gear, maximum survival. Nights under the stars or in a self-built shelter.
  • panther adventures

    Four days of Florida Winter in the Swamp...with minimal gear. This adventure isn't for the faint of heart. Be prepared.
  • Gator Adventures

    Five days floating down the Suwannee River - with your only meals coming from the river and nature.