Aaron Phillips
Wilderness Guide, Writer, Strategist, and Father.

a lifetime of




With a desire for the outdoors and a natural drive, Aaron has been learning, teaching, and exploring nature his entire life.



Aaron has been practicing wilderness skills and involved with the outdoors since early childhood. At the early age of six, he began participating in the YMCA’s Indian Guides (now called Adventure guides). This program was initiated in 1926 as a father-son program based on the qualities of Native American Indian culture and life: Dignity, Patience, Endurance, Spirituality, Feeling for the earth, and Concern for the family. Through his teen years he continued backpacking and ultralight-hiking, practicing wilderness skills and spent extensive time in the wilds of the Eastern United States. As a young man, he traveled to Central and South America, Asia, and Canada. He is a third-generation Florida native, an avid fisherman and an extreme survivalist. He’s a seasoned business development strategist with experience in a wide variety of industries. He writes daily and hikes regularly with his wife and their son.

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