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Custom tailored adventures designed to create memories

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Our adventures instruct, excite, and inspire by teaching wilderness skills, building confidence, and encouraging self-reliance.



Life Survival offers year-round wilderness adventures and survival courses in Florida’s tropics and sub-tropics. We live and work in a face-paced, digital age. We’re all striving to improve our quality of life, but sometimes we just need to take a break. Our adventures provide that much needed release and our courses build both self-reliance and self-confidence.

Life Survival has an adventure for everyone. You’re a working professional and looking to get away, do something different for a few days – Looking for an epic idea for your child’s birthday - Seasoned thru-hiker looking to go lighter by improving your primitive skills – Prepper trying to develop your bug-out plan - Business owner with a dysfunctional team… At Life Survival, there’s opportunity for everyone to grow.

Our adventures

From day hikes and nature walks to overnight survival excursions; our adventures teach camping, wilderness, and life skills that will improve your confidence and self-reliance.

Our Founder and Guide

Aaron Phillips



Aaron spends a lot of time outdoors, Sometimes in other countries. Sometimes it's on TV. He's a writer, student, father, angler, lifelong survivalist, and all around Nemophilist...