Life Survival
Connecting People with Nature.

Why Life Survival



We are saving the planet by connecting people with nature because we believe it’s tough to have a respect without first having a relationship.


Life Survival offers custom adventures and the opportunity to grow and learn in the most beautiful sub-tropical and only tropical landscapes in the contiguous United States


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At Life Survival, we offer unique outdoor trips catered to groups and individuals of all skill levels and backgrounds. All of our adventures are guided by highly-trained professionals who provide learning opportunities and skill building applicable to everyday life.

Our adventures

From day hikes and nature walks to overnight survival excursions; our adventures teach camping, wilderness, and life skills that will improve your confidence and self-reliance.

Our Founder and Guide

Aaron Phillips



Aaron spends a lot of time outdoors, Sometimes in other countries. Sometimes it's on TV. He's a writer, student, father, angler, lifelong survivalist, and all around Nemophilist...




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